Monday, January 7, 2013

The Debate.

The Debate. 2013
If you have been following my art practice, The Debate, 2013 could be an image you think you may have seen before. I have said previously that 2013 is going to be a year of renewal. A chance to sit back, look over previous works, redo some if I feel that I could do better. The Debate is one of those works that I felt needed a bit of tweaking. In previous versions I had fictional characters surrounding the debate. I believe this new version with 'actual' people gives a stronger depth to the image. Also re-shooting on the better quality camera and different lighting has given the image a better atmosphere than the previous versions.

The Debate. 2011.
I don't have any  qualms about revisiting old images to see if I can improve. Others may say something like 'you have done that before, leave that to history, move on, etc''. For some of my works, yes, I will move on. Others, I look at and 'face palm' and think 'what was I on?' and 'you idiot'. But that is the nature of the beast. as artists, we grow, our tastes refine, we learn by our mistakes. I see some of the artwork that I have produced in the past not as blunders that should be forgotten but initial sketches for a greater works that as yet to be realised.

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